The 8 Most Impressive Kitchen Appliance Innovations of 2021

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These new developments are nothing short of life-changing.

By Mary Marlowe Leverette
March 29, 2021

Spending so much time at home during 2020 has made all of us acutely aware of how well or how poorly our kitchen appliances perform. The designers and engineers at major manufacturers considered it too and developed smarter appliances that keep track of our food supplies, allow for wireless and touch-free connectivity, and help us out when we get overwhelmed by kitchen multitasking while working from home.

All those loaves of sourdough bread, gourmet recipes, and craft cocktails we’ve been making have influenced the largest number of innovations to refrigerators and ranges. We gathered the best kitchen appliances of 2021 so you can create your dream kitchen.

The Latest in Refrigerators

Samsung Bespoke Modular Refrigeration (picture above)

Every household has different needs when it comes to fresh food storage, with safety considerations and convenience leading the way. If you are tired of the usual refrigerator and freezer options, take a look at Samsung’s Bespoke Modular Refrigeration. Available in modular refrigeration and freezer units, you can customize cold storage—all-refrigerator, all-freezer, mixed units, or a 4-door flex refrigerator with a compartment that can change from freezer to refrigerator depending on the temperature you select.

Customization options continue with a water pitcher that refills automatically and a built-in infuser to create your favourite flavoured water. Even the ice is customizable from cubes to “ice bites” or nuggets. Finally, the units can be mixed and matched with panels in a range of colours from white gloss and matte black to sky blue, rose pink, and champagne, so your refrigerator is uniquely yours.

LG fridge ideas

LG InstaView Refrigerator with Craft Ice

LG Electronics’s InstaView Refrigerator lets you see what’s inside by just tapping on the tinted window. If you have your hands full, use the voice command and WiFi connectivity through the app, Alexa, or Google Assistant to open the door. There’s also a built-in speaker to announce updates to your schedule, how much ice you have on hand, and the status of the water filter. You should have plenty of ice, since there are two ice makers, including one producing clear spheres of craft ice perfect for cocktails.

To keep foods at optimal temperature, the door-in-door design allows you to access drinks and snacks easily without drops in the refrigeration temperature. For added safety, the water dispenser is illuminated with UV light to help reduce bacteria.

The Latest in Ranges

LG InstaView Range

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LG introduced its InstaView Range in 2019 with a “knock twice” window that illuminates the interior. To help reduce the clutter of small appliances on your countertops, it added a convection/air fry feature in 2020, and for 2021, you’ll get instant views, air frying, and air sous vide in the 6.3-cubic-feet LG InstaView Range.

Traditional sous vide is a gentle cooking method of vacuum-sealing foods in a plastic bag and submerging the bag in a water bath. In the LG range, the vacuum-sealed bags are cooked with precisely controlled airflow at low temperatures to seal in flavors. You can monitor and control all these features through LG’s ThinQ app, Alexa, or Google Assistant.

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