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Buying or selling – make more informed decisions is the Red Deer real estate news, stats and information website to help home buyers and sellers make informed decisions.

Whether you’re moving to Central Alberta or relocating within you’ll want as much information as possible to do your best.

The web centre provides buyers and sellers with the information they need to better understand the local real estate market. Price trends, sales trends, and inventory levels are important stats we update each month and we also do a weekly real estate market update and a monthly report card to help buyers and sellers.

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Even when you’re main goal is to find the perfect home, understanding the market can make the perfect home purchase economically sound.

Check in as often as you can when your planning to buyer or sell property.

Blake King leading Realtor® and local market analyst is hosted by Blake King Realtor®, real estate analyst and leading local home selling professional. Blake is a Realtor with Big Earth Realty and the Central Alberta Real Estate Association. He ardently monitors and posts statistics, news, and information important to Red Deer and Central Alberta residents. Real Estate is local and if you’re buying or selling you’ll need detailed local information.

Blake King has lived in Red Deer for over 45 years and has worked in the local real estate market since 1995. Big Earth Realty is a locally owned brokerage offering everyone more affordable commission selling their home and giving cash-back to their buyers.

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