Red Deer’s highest-priced homes sold in 2023

red deer's highest priced homes

Prices were up in 2023 and that makes it a good time to take a look at the 5 highest-priced homes sold this past year.

Home prices have increased in Red Deer over the last 2 years and they remain sturdy with our current low inventory levels. Even with the higher interest rates, homes are selling well, and below is a look at Red Deer’s highest-priced homes sold in 2023.

Homes-for-sale inventory is low in Red Deer because fewer homeowners are selling if they still have time left in their current, lower-interest mortgage. In addition to that, we’re seeing high migration and that’s causing a low rental vacancy rate that also puts pressure on home prices in Red Deer.

High interest rates have some impact on higher-end homes but they are still selling. Scroll down to see the highest-priced homes sold in Red Deer in 2023, so far.

The lowest price from the 5 highest priced homes sold so far in 2023 was $1,100,000 and the highest was $1,650,000.

There are currently 5 homes for sale in Red Deer priced higher than $1,000,000 and 3 homes for sale priced higher than $1,400,000.

In 2023 seven homes sold for a price higher than $1,000,000 and the same number sold in 2022.

The highest-priced home sold in Red Deer in 2022 was $1,425,500 and in 2023 the highest home sale so far is $1,650,000.

Have a look at the 5 highest-priced homes sold in Red Deer this year and click each image to see pictures of each home.

Located in the Westlake subdivision in Red Deer, 6273 Cronquist Drive is on a street with many beautiful homes.

5th highest price home

16 Payne Close is in one of the nicest areas of Red Deer and probably the least known.

The 4th highest price

141 Emerald Drive is a newly built home sold in one of Red Deer’s newest subdivisions, Evergreen.

3rd highest priced home

Larratt Close is in Laredo, on the far east side of Red Deer almost on the edge of the city.

the 2nd highest priced home

3736 44 Avenue sold after 7 months on the market at a 17% discount from its original list price. Located in Mountview, one of Red Deer’s most loved subdivisions because of the mature surroundings, proximity to amenities, and large lots.

Red Deer's most expensive home sale

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