41 Significant Value-Adding Home Renovation Ideas – Most are diy.

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Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply want to improve it for your own living, most homes could benefit from a bit of home renovation. That’s not to say that large-scale remodels are required – not at all! Depending on your home situation and circumstances, you could of course get as massively involved in home renovation as you want. But even small, strategic tweaks or fast DIY projects can make huge differences in the value (real and perceived) of your space.

The following is a room-by-room guide of home renovation ideas that will add significant value to your space. They will appease potential home buyers or simply make your own surroundings more beautiful and functional. Either way, you definitely come out the winner with a few well-chosen home renovations.


While many of us might be tempted to spend our renovation efforts primarily on our home’s interior, it’s the exterior that will play a key role in the overall curb appeal (and, consequently, desirability) of your home in general. Here are a few things you can do to add value to your home’s exterior.

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Upgrade the front door area.

“Don’t underestimate the power of a front door. People make up their minds in the first seven seconds of entering a house,” says ERA broker Kristin Willens. The front door is the primary and ultimate transition space of your home. It’s also a critical part of any visitor’s first impression. Spruce up this exterior entry by painting your front doorupgrading your house numbersreplacing your front porch light fixture, tossing down a new door mat, or simply conducting a thorough overall cleaning of the front of your home. Why? Because “a welcoming entrance will definitely increase your home’s bottom line” – Diynetwork.

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Tidy up the lawn.

We’ve all come across the house whose patchy lawn and overgrown bushes make you cringe, or at least feel vaguely uncomfortable. An important element of home renovation is a tidy lawn and landscape. Trimmed and edged grass, pruned shrubs and bushes, and an overall feeling of kempt-ness will go a long way to making your home enticing.

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Create spaces to build life memories.

Specifically, we’re talking about a deck, a patio, a gazebo – someplace where you and family and friends can gather and be together, quite contentedly, for hours on a warm summer’s evening. If it’s covered, that’s all the better, because natural elements have less of a sway on your ability to use the structure.

gravel area like this with a couple of places for seating is another beautiful “destination spot” in the yard for conversation and creating wonderful memories.

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