Detached home sales in Red Deer – lower now, two months straight

September home sales Red Deer

Detached home sales dipped again in September with pressure from higher interest rates.

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Detached home sales in Red Deer, up until March this year were up 21 of 22 months in a row. That’s a long stretch but since then we’ve witnessed less consistency.

Since March, detached home sales have been lower in 4 of the last 6 months. I mentioned in last month’s post that since April, sales were down 1.5% but still 1.8% up in 2022 overall. After September’s low sales those numbers are worse.

Since April, detached home sales are 5.7% lower than in the same months last year, but overall this year they are only down 1.6%

Are we seeing a market slow down? Yes, and it’s mostly due to higher borrowing rates.

Attached homes – townhomes, apartment condos, semi-detached.

Attached home sales have been much higher this year and it’s due to detached homes being more expensive and the higher interest rates pushing buyers toward lower-priced homes.

Up until this month attached homes sales were averaging about 40% higher monthly than last year but in September they were only up 4.8%. Sales have slowed substantially in both segments.

Overall home sales

With 4 of the last 6 months having lower sales than last year, we might be seeing a trend. Detached home sales in Red Deer were lower in Sept and attached home sales were higher. However, with sales of detached homes so much lower in Sept, home sales were down 27% overall.

Overall, 2022 home sales in Red Deer are still 8.7% higher than they were in 2021. With sales slowing we might see that number decrease as we close out the year.

Lower commission home sales

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