Garden gravel ideas: 11 brilliant ways to use these small stones in your landscaping plans

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From paths to patios, garden gravel ideas are a practical and attractive choice for any plot – these looks will have you inspired

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Ready to update your plot this season? These garden gravel ideas are a great option to consider. Low-maintenance and budget-friendly, with lots of colors and sizes to choose from, gravel is a simple way of giving your space a boost.

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Gravel can be used for all manner of landscaping ideas, from pathways and rockeries to adding textural interest in between paving. It’s easy to overlook this stony material, but once you start thinking about its versatility, you’ll soon wonder why you never used gravel in your back (or front) yard before.

We’ve curated a collection of some of our favorite garden gravel ideas for you to peruse. No matter the theme of your plot – modern, cottage, traditional or eclectic, you’ll be sure to find a style to suit you below.

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When it comes to landscaping, circular shapes have a soothing appeal. And, as demonstrated here, they work especially well in courtyards. Not only do they provide a central feature to the space, but they also distract the eye from looking upwards to high and imposing walls. 

Pale-hued gravel is a great choice for a design like this, as it will help to lift the area and make it seem lighter and brighter. Here, it also complements the contemporary chairs and wall. Reclaimed bricks laid into a pattern make a decorative contrast to the display and add an extra dose of pizzazz.

We also love the worn brick border around the perimeter which defines the zone and the surrounding evergreen shrubs whilst adding a rustic feel. Our garden edging ideas are full of stunning designs if you’re looking for more inspiration.


If you want to give your paving ideas a more textural and naturalistic edge, then incorporating gravel is the way forward. A warm-toned mix looks lovely when combined with honey-hued fences. 

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To keep the look feeling modern, opt for a paler shade of paving and use plenty of clean lines. Light-colored patio furniture will add to the pleasing sense of contrast and tie together the scene.

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