Home sales outpacing the number of homes entering the market • Week 19

Red Deer weekly real estate market report

Red Deer’s “home listings vs sales comparison” helps everyone keep their finger on the pulse of the Red Deer real estate market. If there’s a deficit or a surplus trend, the market is changing. Check in at www.iOnRealEstate.ca often for updated Red Deer real estate news, stats, and information.

The homes-for-sale deficit wasn’t as drastic this past week. There are still more properties leaving the market than entering the market but this past week the deficit was only -11.

Know your market

If you’re planning to buy or sell residential real estate soon, it’s important to understand as much about your local market as possible. Each week at iOnRealEstate.ca we post this Red Deer Real Estate market report comparing the number of homes leaving the market (sold and expired/canceled) to homes entering the market (listings). It’s important to compare home sales to home listings to help understand the market and inventory levels. See the monthly inventory report for Central Alberta at iOnRealEstate.ca.

Your market is local

Before planning a real estate transaction it’s important to understand that every real estate market is local. When someone references anything other than your local market it isn’t necessarily relevant. Too many real estate decisions are based on non-local real estate information but national stats need to be taken lightly because it often has no relevance to your local market.

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Red Deer Home Sales & Listing Comparison report for the week of May 8th – May 14th, 2023

Red Deer Home Sales & Listing Comparison

Number of detached homes sold: 26
Number of detached homes listed: 20
The average price of detached homes sold: $373,300

Number of other properties (condo, apart, duplex, town-home) sold: 11
Number of other properties (condo, apart, duplex, town-home) listed: 11
Number of condominiums sold: 9
Number of condominiums listed: 9
The average price of condominiums sold: $185,933

Properties sold price breakdown

Number of residential units sold between0-200k11
Number of residential units sold between201-300k5
Number of residential units sold between301-400k10
Number of residential units sold between401-500k8
Number of residential units sold between501-750k3
Number of residential units sold above751k +0
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Total entered the market 
Listings: 31

Total off the market
Expired & canceled: 5
Listings sold: 37

(entered market) – 42 (off-market) = -11

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