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To achieve the optimal selling price for your home, careful planning is essential. Many sellers focus on preparing their homes within the first 14 days of listing, but rushing this process can lead to overlooking crucial details that significantly impact the selling price.

Attention to these important details is key to maximizing the home’s market value.

Selling this year? Remember these 10 things.

  1. Optimal selling times may differ from common assumptions, so be strategic.
  2. Adequate preparation for showcasing your home takes more time than anticipated, so start planning early.
  3. Address even minor issues before listing, as they can significantly impact the selling process.
  4. Inexpensive and easy home improvements can enhance your property’s value; explore these 20 inexpensive and quick fix-ups that help sell every home at a higher price.
  5. Understand your local market dynamics and seek guidance from an experienced Realtor® for a tailored selling strategy.
  6. Research comparable homes online to gauge your property’s condition and potential market value.
  7. Be cautious with advice from friends and family; consult an experienced Realtor® for accurate information. The majority of advice you receive from friends and family is baseless and incorrect.
  8. Prioritize improvements with the highest return on investment to avoid lowering your sale price.
  9. Minimize your home’s age as a potential issue by addressing it in your preparation. Prepare your home so its age isn’t what buyers focus on.
  10. Maintain a spotless home for sale, as a well-kept appearance significantly influences offers.

For personalized guidance and assistance with your real estate needs, I recommend reaching out to an experienced real estate agent. Blake King with Big Earth Realty has lived in Red Deer for over 50 years and has worked in real estate for over 25 years. Blake hosts, Red Deer’s best real estate news, stats, and information website and he’ll ensure you get the maximum return on your house when you sell with him.

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Blake King is a real estate Broker/Realtor® and market expert in Red Deer and Central Alberta. Know your market, you’ll be better off!

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