Sales numbers up throughout most of Central Alberta in February

red deer home sales
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Homes sale numbers keep coming in higher each month in Red Deer with buying activity higher through most of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Except for one month (July 2021), sales have outperformed the same month the year prior for 21 months now. And it’s continued in February 2022 with home sales 12% higher than in February 2021.

From month to month we generally see a trend each year with sales higher in the spring and much lower at the end of the year. But to track how the market might be changing it’s important to compare the same month each year.

red deer home sales

I’ve been posting the Red Deer homes sale numbers for a number of years now, but from here on I’m also going to include some of the other Central Alberta sales numbers

The chart below shows the number of detached homes sold in each community going back 12 months.

In the smaller communities, it’s harder to determine if there’s a trend because with only a few extra sales in any given month we could assume activity was increasing when it isn’t necessarily. The best way to track a trend in the smaller communities is to compare at least quarterly sales.

Red Deer10112616815014010811611997868880113
Sylvan Lake25354844443535282513181633
Ponoka 991413171115121171073
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