Get Ready for the Long Autumn and Winter by Making Your Home Cozier

get ready for autumnPhoto by Alex Geerts on Unsplash


As the days get shorter and the temperatures get cooler, most of us are looking at ways to make the indoors seem cosier. Those who live in areas that see four seasons can easily add autumn elements indoors to mark the changing climate.

Making home decor feel more cocoon-ish is also simple for people who have rustic decor, because that style already carries an air of down-home comfort. Other home decor styles may be a little more challenging when it comes to infusing a space with a cozy feel, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it. The same thing goes for homes in regions where the change of seasons is not so dramatic. Here are some great ways to make your home seem cozier no matter what the style, because all these strategies can be adapted to fit your personal tastes.

Add Fall Flowers

There’s nothing that makes a room seem warmer and more welcoming than an abundant display of fall flowers and foliage. This massive basket of leaves and dried elements is accompanied by an arrangement of pumpkins, but it would certainly do the trick on its own too.

The organic feeling that plant matter provides is key to making us feel grounded. Of course, there are lots of ways to incorporate fall flowers, from restrained minimalist arrangements to the use of more modern vases or vessels to hold the blooms.

Incorporate Sheepskin

Varied textures make a space feel homier and sheepskin is one of the materials that has plenty! You can add a piece of furniture such as a footstool that is upholstered in sheepskin, whether it’s the furry type like this one or the woollier variety.

Another option is adding a sheepskin throw to a sofa or chair for seasonal texture. Even in locations where the climate is warmer, evenings can be chilly and this is a great way to temporarily add a little “hygge” to your interior. 

Swap Out Throws and Pillows

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This is essentially decorating 101: The fastest way to adapt interior decor is the change out smaller elements like textiles. Throws and pillows that are lighter in texture or color for the spring and summer can easily be swapped out for fall colors and an earthier feel. Don’t feel limited to shades of ochre, brown and maroon for fall decor.

If your space has a more lighthearted feel, you can use a seasonal color like orange in a variety of shades, but accented by a brighter natural hue, such as this moss green. Different types of trim and embellishments amp up the textural interest too.

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