1 home – 1 tree, Big Earth Realty

1 home 1 tree

1 home – 1 tree. Red Deer real estate company pledges to plant a tree for each home they sell.

There’s a new real estate company in Red Deer and it’s doing things a little different. BigEarth.ca Realty is locally owned and by saving money on overhead and unneeded expenses we pass savings on to our clients.

The real estate industry has changed immensely over the last decade and Big Earth Realty is changing with it. The majority of real estate companies and real estate agents incur redundant costs month after month for things that are no longer essential. Big Earth Realty uses a business plan that avoids unnecessary costs so they can save their clients money.

low commission

We’re saving everyone a lot of money adhering to a business plan that avoids outdated ideas and unnecessary expenses. And we use progressive techniques to sell homes at their best price.

Save more money buying your home this year Red Deer and Central Ab.  Cash-back!

Planning to sell your home? Big Earth saves buyers and sellers thousands of dollars on commission (paid only when you sell your home). For anyone buying a home, Big Earth gives them money-back when they move in.

Another thing BigEarth Realty does is plant trees. Big Earth’s 1 home – 1 tree program is parallel to their theme of giving back. By planting trees we giving back to the community by contributing to habitat for birds, reduction of urban run-off, reducing noise pollution, providing shade for buildings and streets, improving property value and so much more. Trees are a good investment locally and Big Earth will help by planting more.

Planting trees in your neighborhood really is one of the best things you can do for the local environment

If you’re planning to buy or sell your home Big Earth Realty would be happy to offer their professional real estate services that include the powerful P.L.A.N. marketing cycle to earn you the most while saving you the most.