Detached home sales dip below 100 for the first month since January

Red deer real estate sales
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Home sales in Red Deer have been higher than normal this past year.

Overall this year, home sales are 54% higher than last year at the same time. The number of detached homes sold in Red Deer in October dropped below 100 but still outperformed last year. October 2020 saw 88 detached homes sold and this October saw 97 – 10% higher.

It was rare to see more than 100 detached homes sell in any given month in the last few years. 2018 had two months with more than 100 detached home sales. 2019 didn’t have any months with more than 100. And 2020 only had one month with more than 100 detached homes selling. However, in 2021, October is only the second month with fewer than 100 detached home sales. January was the only other month in 2021.

Home sales will slow as we end the year but it was sure nice to see more activity in our local market. This year was the first year we’ve seen home sales break a thousand by the end of Oct since 2015. After 2015, detached homes sales stayed below 1000 prior to November and were even in the 700’s the last two years.

2014 was the only year this decade to see higher sales at the end of October than we saw this year. Lets’ see if detached home sales can outperform 2014 as we end the year.

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