4 Favourite Garage Upgrades That Add Value to Your Home

These most-wanted garage features can set your home apart when it comes to resale, according to real estate experts.

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By Patricia Shannon, April 26, 2022

You’ve overhauled the kitchen, replaced the HVAC, and created an outdoor space that’s the envy of the neighbourhood. But when it comes to listing your home, a less-than-appealing garage can be a hindrance. Having a garage at all (regardless of what shape it’s in) is a great start, but going the extra mile can pay off, says Kim Soper, a realtor with Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Cypress in Lexington, Kentucky. “A good garage may not be the deciding factor on if someone buys a home, but it can be the cherry on the top to sway the buyer to making an offer,” she says.

We tapped a few real estate experts for the best garage upgrades and features worth considering in 2022. It turns out, nice-to-have features, like storage, fresh paint, and epoxy flooring, are the most popular, so you can update your garage even if a major overhaul isn’t in your budget.

1. Storage, Storage, and More Storage

Real estate experts agree: there’s no such thing as too much storage. “Overhead storage racks add a lot to garages with limited space,” says Scott Beaudry, broker and owner of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Universal in Henderson, Nevada. “Floating storage and workshop cabinets are a design trend we’re seeing that also adds to ease of cleaning.”

With all your extra storage space, make sure you’re not crowding walls. Soper warns cardboard boxes and other storage items could cause moisture issues if they don’t allow enough space for airflow.

2. Flex Space Potential

“Some folks park in the garage and some do not, so this area can work as a flex space, such as a workshop, a place to house garden tools, [or] a place to throw down a nice rug, add some cute chairs, open your garage door, and chat with neighbours,” says Soper.

Throughout the pandemic, Soper noticed more garage gatherings. “Opening the garage and being able to chat with neighbours and social distance was a wonderful way to still maintain that community feel.” No matter the purpose you assign to your garage, Soper reassures that you can’t go wrong—well, mostly. “Just don’t keep your horse in there!”

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