Right now is the best time we’ve seen to sell your home this decade!

best time to sell

If you ask most people when the best time to sell a home is, most will say springtime. More homes sell in the spring so people automatically think it must be the best time to sell. However, because everyone’s thinking the same thing, the market can flood with homes for sale in the Spring.

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In the Spring, the market generally fills with inventory and it outpaces buyer activity. The flood of listings often shifts the market to a “buyer’s market.”

Not this year!

We’ve entered the spring market for 2022 now but we’re still experiencing very low inventory levels.

Currently, there just aren’t enough homes on the market to satisfy all the buyers. It’s a rare occasion when a market hits the perfect state for selling but right now in Red Deer, it’s happening.

  1. Inventory is lower than it’s been in over a decade.
  2. Interest rates are still relatively low.
  3. The 12 month running price average continues to increase.
  4. And, because of #2 and #3, home sales are high but not as high as if there were more homes available for sale.

Why is right now a better time to sell than in a couple of months?

We should see the “seller’s market” continue for a while still but we will likely see higher inventory as the year progresses. The upward pressure on prices that sellers are benefiting from will subside. Interest rates are predicted to increase substantially and that will slow buying activity and take pressure away from increasing prices.

This year we haven’t witnessed the flood of listings we often see in the spring because there’s been pent-up demand. If the flooding happened we didn’t see it because homes are flying off the market. With not enough properties for sale, there are still a lot of buyers searching and waiting. And many have lower interest rates in place being pre-qualified prior to increases. If you’re planning to buy this year get pre-qualified now!

For sellers, we are seeing an exceptional spring market. Right now we know without a doubt, the current market is perfect for selling but that will change!

If you’re paying full commission selling your home you’re paying too much!
And if someone charging full commission implies
you’ll get less when you pay less,
consider who’s advising you ;-).

low commission home sales