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What will happen with Red Deer home sales in 2024?

In December 2023 detached home sales in Red Deer were up 43% and attached home sales were up 50%! But even with those numbers, home sales overall in Red Deer in 2023 came in 6.6% lower than in 2022.

Now, after our first month of 2024 in the Red Deer real estate market we are seeing numbers up a little for detached homes, down a little for attached homes, and down a little overall.

Detached home sales

The chart below shows Red Deer detached home sales in 2024 and the 5 years prior. This allows readers to compare home sales each year and each month.

Detached homes201920202021202220232024diff
Jan505171815152⬆︎ 2%
Feb695910111359⬇︎ 48%
Mar727912613288⬇︎ 33%
Apr9637169166126⬇︎ 24%
May9359148164118⬇︎ 28%
Jun9097141121129⬆︎ 6%
July99113108118117⬇︎ 0.8%
Aug7698117104113⬆︎ 8.7%
Sept799311983105⬆︎ 27%
Oct 7188989684⬇︎ 13%
Nov6676867572⬇︎ 4%
Dec4965884463⬆︎ 43%
For the year910915137212981125⬇︎ 13%

Alberta has experienced high immigration and inter-provincial migration causing low vacancy rates and higher rents. It’s also having an impact on the number of homes for sale and home prices in Red Deer.

Red Deer home sale chart

Detached home sales were 2% higher this January compared with last January (2023). Is a 2% increase enough to suggest a trend of higher prices in 2024? I don’t think so but if sales are as strong as last year, and more homes hit the market in 2024 we could see higher sales than in 2023.

One month of slightly higher sales isn’t enough to hint at a trend of higher sales in 2024 but combine it with higher inventory it will be interesting to see what happens. Inventory levels climbed in all Centra Alberta communities in January and it might continue as more homeowners’ mortgages mature and as the higher rates become older news.

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Attached home sales

The chart below shows attached home sales in Red Deer this year and the 5 years prior. The column on the right shows whether sales were up or down and how much compared with the same month a year earlier.

Attached homes201920202021202220232024diff
Jan251829434138⬇︎ 7.3%
Feb1820335935⬇︎ 41%
Mar2822607159⬇︎ 17%
Apr4224 557355⬇︎ 25%
May2816 4779100⬆︎ 27%
Jun3524657675⬇︎ 1.3%
July5048457078⬆︎ 11%
Aug4135415076⬆︎ 52%
Sept3947424460⬆︎ 30%
Oct 3028353644⬆︎ 22%
Nov2542374149⬆︎ 20%
Dec2223412034⬆︎ 50%
For the year383307530662706⬆︎ 6.6%

With interest rates climbing higher, buyers had less buying power in 2023 and it showed with more people buying more affordable homes. As interest rates climbed we saw more affordable attached-style homes sold. We’ll see if the higher detached home sales and lower attached home sales in January continue as we look at sales here each month.

Attached home sales were down 7.3%% in January 2024 compared with January 2023.
Check back to see were sales end up at the end of February.

Home sales overall in Red Deer

Use the tables above to see how home sales are doing overall by adding the totals together.

Home sales overall in Red Deer were down 6.6% at the end of January.


After the first month of 2024, home sales are down in Red Deer but I think we might see higher sales in 2024 over 2023. Let’s see what happens.

Red Deer home sales

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