Red Deer home sales

Red Deer home sales

Detached home sales up

Attached home sales were up a whopping 52% in August. Detached homes up 8.7%.

The chart below shows Red Deer detached home sales for this year and the last 4 years, allowing readers to compare home sales each year and each month.

Detached homes20192020202120222023diff
Jan5051718151⬇︎ 37%
Feb695910111359⬇︎ 48%
Mar727912613288⬇︎ 33%
Apr9637169166126⬇︎ 24%
May9359148164118⬇︎ 28%
Jun9097141121129⬆︎ 6%
July99113108118117⬇︎ 0.8%
Aug7698117104113⬆︎ 8.7%
Sept799311983⬇︎ 30%
Oct 71889896⬇︎ 2%
Nov66768675⬇︎ 12.8%
Dec49658844⬇︎ 50%
⬇︎ 19.8%

In August detached home sales in Red Deer were up 8.7% and attached home sales were up 52%! Those are outstanding numbers considering 2022 was comparably a very high sales year. And if you can believe it, overall home sales in Red Deer over the last three months (June, July, and August) were up 9.1%. That’s a high number considering the 3 months prior to June (March, April, and May) home sales overall in Red Deer were down 20%.

Alberta is experiencing high immigration and migration and this is causing low vacancy rates and higher rents. And it’s definitely having an impact on homes-for-sale and home prices.

Detached home sales were down 8.7% this August compared to Aug. 2022.
Red Deer detached home sales are now down only 19.8% overall this year over last.
Even though home sales are slower this year over last year, they are still substantially higher than sales in 2019 and 2020. Will we see 2023 home sales in Red Deer catch up to sales numbers in 2021 and 2022?

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Attached home sales

The chart below shows attached home sales in Red Deer this year and the last 4 years. The column on the right shows whether sales were up or down compared with the same month a year earlier.

Attached homes20192020202120222023diff
Jan2518294341⬇︎ 4.6%
Feb1820335935⬇︎ 41%
Mar2822607159⬇︎ 17%
Apr4224 557355⬇︎ 25%
May2816 4779100⬆︎ 27%
Jun3524657675⬇︎ 1.3%
July5048457078⬆︎ 11.4%
Aug4135415076⬆︎ 52%
Sept39474244⬆︎ 4.8%
Oct 30283536⬆︎ 2.9%
Nov25423741⬆︎ 11%
Dec22234120⬇︎ 51%

⬇︎ 0.4%

With interest rates higher buyers have less buying power now and many are buying more affordable properties. Last year, as interest rates began to increase we saw sales much higher than normal.

Attached home sales were up 52% in August compared to last August.
Attached home sales are now down only 0.4% overall this year.
More attached homes have been selling since interest rates began their climb.

Home sales overall in Red Deer

We can use the tables above to see how home sales are doing overall by adding totals.

Homes sales overall in Red Deer are 13% lower than they were this time last year, due in most part to higher interest rates. After July there were 17% lower so we are seeing higher sales. With very low inventory levels it’s easy to imagine that more homes could sell each month if there were more available for sale.

Red Deer home sales overall were up 23% this August over August 2022.
Home sales overall are down only 13% this year over last but they were down 17% after July.
2023 overall home sales are still substantially higher than sales in 2019 and 2020.


Red Deer home sales are lower than last year because at all points last year interest rates were lower. Home sales could possibly be higher this year if inventory levels weren’t so low. People are still buying property amidst higher interest rates.

We will likely see home prices in Red Deer continue to increase as long as homes-for-sale inventory levels remain so low.

Red Deer home sales

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